The battle between Good & Evil

In the Taoist "Yin Yang" symbol (representing the balance between chaos and order), there is a little chaos in order and a little order in chaos. Or you could say a little light in darkness, and a little darkness in light. There's so many things this applies to in reality and life. One I want [...]

Things to help with fear, anxiety, panic.

This is my personal list, a place to start for a fellow sufferer. Mostly short term help when in desperate need. Also this is for when you are not actually in any physical danger, just mental and emotional torment for seemingly no reason. Different Teas (Camomile, sleep easy, white tea, sage tea etc) Incense (Tibetan, [...]

15 Reasons for a “Bad” Magic Mushroom Trip

This is according to the crystal, at this moment in time. (Nothing is set in stone, new things can be discovered)"Beware of unearned wisdom." - Carl Jung talking about psychedelics "Without having the appropriate respect, understanding and maturity to see that psychedelics can be viewed as both sacraments and tools that hold tremendous healing potentialities to [...]

The 7 Stages of Wisdom

...According to the crystal at this moment in time. Seeking knowledge. Trying to figure everything out. From seeking knowledge to seeking wisdom. Understanding & realising your own ignorance. (The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know). Realising there's no final answers in certain types of thought. And realising thinking is not [...]

30 Types of Depression & Treatments

These are according to the crystal, and are therefore not scientific, they are more shamanic in nature. Which means they are useful pointers, useful maps, and meaningful to such a degree that they can be healed once they have been identified in a person. I use this list with my clients to help identify this [...]

What Mind Fuel Is Becoming

Mind Fuel was my place to express my feelings, thoughts and intuitions about people, life, society and the world. And I enjoyed doing that, it helped me to think, grow and improve on my intuitions. But I have been on a very unusual journey this last year, and it appeared I started to channel one [...]