I’m a shamanic healer, energy healer, modern mystic, an oracle card reader, and a dowser. I was a skeptic, but after awakening to my shamanic path, experiencing all the meaning, magick and healing that I have, and connecting to seeming other realms and guides, I’m now agnostic. Who knows what’s really going on with reality? I’ve been shown over and over that things are possible that we wouldn’t dream could be. I can’t deny my direct experience, and neither can my clients, the proof is in the pudding.

I not only entertain the possibilities of the strange world of magick and guidance from things like psychedelics, angels, guides, entities, dreams, oracle & tarot card readings, divination, dowsing, channelling, shamanism, mysticism, rituals, prayers and so on, but this is my life, this is my work. I have answered the call.

I use divination, also known as dowsing with my crystal pendant, and card decks that I have bought or made, trained primarily by my spirit guides, I channel messages, I interpret signs, help to facilitate healing of all kinds, on all sorts of levels.

Disclaimer 07/03/19:

Any information you receive from me and the crystal is not a substitute for any medical or therapeutic advice from medical professionals. If you have physical health issues or mental health issues, please see a qualified medical professional.

My services are for informational purposes only.
If you use any of the information provided for yourself or others; you assume full responsibility for your understanding of it, any actions taken, and the resulting consequences.

I would advise you to use your own intuition, wisdom, experience, and common sense about the information you receive.

All sessions are treated in confidence.

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